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The following resources are available to support those exploring the Points to the Past collections.

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Topics include: An Introduction to Points to the Past, Points to the Past for Academic Institutions, Making the Most of Your Primary Source Materials


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History of Photography

Bring the history of photography into focus, prior to the 20th century with Gale's American Historical Periodicals and Nineteenth Century Collections Online.

Tobacco and Alcohol

Examine how the advertisement industry influenced buyers when it came to tobacco and alcohol consumption with The Times Digital Archive.

Women's History Month

Expand your understanding of hysteria, medical diagnoses of women, and how it impacted women’s mental health with Gale's British Library Newspapers, Nineteenth Century Collections Online, and Nineteenth Century U.S. Newspapers.

Explore the cause and effect of women entering the workforce during World War II within the Financial Times Historical Archive and Women’s Studies Archive.

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